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Vũng Tàu Fishing (2 day) 335km

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Saigon Motorcycles - Cat Lai Ferry (12km)

This map just gets you to the ferry. As with all the maps just put your current location as the starting point if not exactly there if its only showing you a preview. This map is the only one in car mode as bike mode won't take you the best way. Many maps will have way points to take you the best but certainly not the shortest routes. Just clear them as you go. There is a cross, bottom left that you can hit to clear the next point. I tend to do this a few k's in advance on a quiet stretch. If you dont once you reach the point it will close the map until you hit continue. Please don't share these and delete once you've used them. You can always get them from me again but i have put years and a lot of money into developing them for our customers so I'd like to keep them as one of our points of difference. Good luck, ride safe and have fun.

Cat Lai - Vung Tau (145km)

From the first right hand turn you get the feeling Saigon is well behind you though you still have the view of it over to D7. The first stretch of the river road is unsealed but generally pretty solid with plenty of pot holes. No problem for the XR's but if on a road bike you might prefer the main road and rejoin this map later.

There is a short unavoidable stint on the QL51 before the left turn which gets you back on some quiet minority roads on route to our fishing destination.

On the Map

All way points on this one to keep you exploring off the main arterials.

(E) is a winding bitumen road and a nice ride if time allows. Plenty of off tracks and temples to explore up there too.

(G) our lunch stop and fishing for the afternoon.

(I) A cold beer for sundowners overlooking the harbour awaits with your hosts Mark and Anh at the Bay Sportsbar on the ground floor of the Bay View Hotel and Apartments 0979914400.

Vung Tau - Cat Lai Ferry (160km)

Of all the ways I've been over the years I consider this the best on road route I have for the Honda XR's.

We skirt Ba Ria with a short coastal ride around Long Hai before our first stop at The Long Tan Cross in memory of the 18 Australian and 245 Vietnamese soldiers killed in the August 1966 Battle of Long Tan.

From there we snake through rubber, pepper, banana and cassava plantations to name a few avoiding the main road completely.

There's a few nice water stops too. Once across the highway it's back to the Cat Lai ferry and the return to the Rat Race.

On the Map

(A) gets you on a short coast ride out of Vung Tau

(B) the Long Tan Cross

(C) to avoid the usual haunt of the police on the main road. Take this route even if not visiting the cross.

(D) put you on some water views

(E) is your lunch stop on the lake

(F&G) two more lakes surrounded by some great diverse farmland.

(H) gets you around the other usual police haunt but to be sure watch your speed anytime after this expressway underpass.

Cat Lai Ferry - Saigon Motorcycles (12km)

This one will get you back to us. Please remember to fuel up on the way. Thanks.

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