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Tim & Mai's Wedding Ride (1625)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Tim & Mai's Wedding Ride (1625km)

Dates in July 2021 to be advised

(Please note: I have put this one together specific to wedding guests but there may be opportunity to join. Most likely on the return ride. Having said that this is a great ride using the limited time to best effect so happy to run it for interested groups at any time).

It just happens that between where we live (HCMC) and the wedding venue (Hoi An) is some of the best coastal and highlands riding in the country so I'll definitely be riding. I've put together some information below for anyone who'd like to join me. It'll be pretty casual but at the same time safe and well researched. A social marathon with mates is how I like to play it. We could do it a bit cheaper than this but I've opted very good and/or unique accommodation and western restaurant meals where available. You will be enjoying some Vietnamese dished too also and thats a good thing. Some beds will also be harder that you are used to but trust me after a days ride you'll sleep just fine. Anyone who would like a bit more background on me or the riding here you might like to go to Motorcycling Vietnam or Travel Vietnam for Aussies Facebook pages. I post a lot of rides on there and if you go back through you'll see this same part of the country highlighted. Dates are yet to be confirmed but we will leave 9 days before the wedding day to ensure a clear day in Hoi An after arrival.

$1200 AUD rider only

$1600 AUD twin share pillion

Not confident to ride but would love the experience? Pillion only option too with experienced riders. Price on application depending on availability.

Minimum Rider Level: Licensed / Competant


*Eight day hire Honda XR 150L set up for touring including aftermarket exhaust, engine and lever protection, powered phone holder and Givi Box

*Zero excess accident damage insurance on the bike

*Third Party bodily insurance card

*ECE Rated full face touring helmet

*Tour Guide, two if more than six bikes.





*Morning coffee stop



Not Included

*Evening drinks


*Hoi An accommodation.

Day 1, Saigon Motorcycles - Cat Tien (175km)

Itinerary (Dates to be advised)

8.30am meet Saigon Motorcycles

9am depart

12pm lunch

4.30pm arrive at accommodation

6pm barbecue dinner

Ride Notes

From Saigon Motorcycles just a 12km ride to the Cat Lai Ferry to get us warmed up.

From the ferry this is by far the best way I've been to avoid the traffic getting out North of the city. The police are rather active in this area though and the least friendly I've encountered anywhere in the country. I've mapped around their favourite haunt but just shy of the Expressway underpass they often have a radar and set up to welcome us so we're careful to abide the 50kph bike limit in that area.

Once on the North side of the underpass the roads open up and we get a little more liberal with the throttle. That's my indicator that the fun's about to get real.

Three unavoidable short stretches on the main road but some great riding off it. The newly laid hotmix either side of a dam wall we'll ride over, as good as it gets.

Quoc, his wife Yen and young family which includes a pack of friendly Phu Quoc dogs are our hosts for the night.

BYO wine or spirits but plenty of cold beer for purchase. We will be providing a barbecue dinner and breakfast in the package.

We generally get a reasonably early night (well that's the plan anyway) and set an alarm for the dawn. The sun rises in front of your cabin while the roosters try and out do each other up and down the river.

If your lucky the Gibbons can be heard singing along also. A lovely experience not to be missed.

Day 2, Cat Tien - Dalat (220km)

Itinerary (Dates to be advised)

5.30am enjoy the dawn (optional)

8am breakfast

9am depart Cat Tien

12pm lunch at Damdri Falls

4.30pm arrive at accommodation

6pm dinner

Ride Notes

Our first day in the mountains and there won't be another day without them. A nice ride and diverse in the countryside it runs through. As the roads open up many opportunities to go for the camera.

Dambri Falls is a nicely set up attraction with toboggan ride, cinema and numerous cafes.

An opportunity for a cool off in the smaller of the two falls if anyone's keen.

The main falls very impressive particularly in the wet season months

Elephant Falls aren't much really but the newly completed statue which you can climb up through the centre of offers some pretty impressive views through its eyes over the surrounding countryside.

From there it's a relatively short ride to Dalat. The climb onto the Plateau is an exceptional ride but we're aware of the young lads using in to hone their riding skills.

Saphir our accommodation is quite unique with some nice old BMW bikes and early Volkswagen around the courtyard. Wooden elevator and period furniture make the little extra worth it. We skip the breakfast though. Very ordinary.

Down Under Sports Bar for Dinner.

Peter (Aussie) is our host and has great pub grub. The chicken parmigiana is as good as anywhere in Australia and has a great range of beers.

Day 3, Dalat - Nha Trang (240km)


Itinerary (Dates to be advised)

6am walk down to a particularly good coffee shop (optional)

7.45am packed up at the bikes ready to roll.

8am big breakfast at One More Cafe

9am depart Dalat

12pm snack along the way

3pm seafood on the beach

5pm arrive at accommodation

6pm dinner

Ride Notes

This is one of my favourite ride days in the South. Lorelle is our host for breakfast at One More Cafe. Very cheap for the quality of the meals.

Before leaving the beautiful Dalat its a great spot on the banks of the Xuan Huong Lake to get a group bike shot.

The morning ride off the plateau is a ripper. We'll have a stop were some local women sell fruit and drinks before the big decent. Great photo stop.

We turn off at the bottom of the range to a very minority road through farmland.

Then a nice valley ride following the Cai River through the National Park.

Only local traffic on this but quite narrow in places we're mindful of this on blind corners. Opportunity for a swim through here too if your keen.

At the top of the next range rewarded by some great views. All the way to the coast in places as we take the decent.

The ride down the range is great fun but the road is quite potholed in places so wary of this under heavy braking. Once at the coast a great beach stop for seafood and an icy cold beer.

Short run up the coast from there to Nha Trang, the only big city until we get to the wedding.

Chau Viet hosted by Ms Ha is a family hotel nettled at the end of a hem. Nothing flash but meets all my criteria. Bikes safely away, simple check in process, elevator, clean and tidy room with a decent bed and shower.

Dinner with Andy and Van at Cheers Sports Pub. Great comfort food and atmosphere.

Day 4, Nha Trang - Quy Nhon (310km)

Itinerary (Dates to be advised)

5.30am dawn on the beach (optional)

8am breakfast

9am depart Nha Trang

1pm lunch on Bai Mon Beach

4.30pm arrive at accommodation

6pm dinner

Ride Notes

Cheers Sports Bar also do a great breakfast if having a later start then it's the absolute coast road to Quy Nhon.

Some beautiful coastline today, plenty of swim opportunities and no shortage of local quality seafood restaurants.

There are some unavoidable stretches on the A1 so we're mindful of the heavy vehicles that come with that. The up side, we make good time on there creating opportunity for a few cool detours.

There's an option to trek into Vietnam's Easternmost point. We'd need an early start if doing this though. It's quite a hike.

Mui Dien is another area where there's quite a bit of walking to get a good look around the area. Worth it though. The views from the lighthouse exceptional.

Casa Marina Resort is lovely and relaxing 10km South of Quy Nhon. Around the $50 mark or for around $100 an absolute beachfront bungalow. Life's a Beach is a nice little bar just along the beach and a little further Wood Fired Pizzas as food options. There's a path through to Bai Xep a quaint little fishing village with supplies at local prices.

Day 5,

Free time. beach, pool, golf.

Quy Nhon Golf Course is considered one of the best in the country.

Day 6,

Quy Nhon - Mang Den (285km)

Itinerary (Dates to be advised)

5.30am dawn on the beach (optional)

8am breakfast

9am depart Quy Nhon 1pm lunch in K'Bang

4.30pm arrive at accommodation

6pm dinner

Ride Notes

The map today reads at 287km but it's only that if we want it to be. There's a few detours that add nearly 80km. The longest to check out a couple of lakes that we can decide on depending on time.

Once we turn off onto (Truong Son Dong) it gets quite isolated and we'll make good time. Not much in the way of services through here so fueled up with water early.

Along the way, a Buddhist Temple, a hydro dam wall, an airstrip, Vinh Son Lakes, the Kon Chu Rang rangers station and Dak Ke Lakes all in beautiful mountain country. One of my favourite Central Highlands ride days.

Resort Dakke is the nicest of a plethora of choices in the area.

Day 7,

Mang Den - My Khe (165km)


8am breakfast

9am depart Mang Den 1pm lunch

4.30pm arrive at accommodation

6pm dinner

There's not too much in the way of attractions on this ride though for me the whole ride is an attraction. The area around Deo Viola is stunning.

Once we get off the range we divert you to a minority road and through some lovely village country. Once into My Khe you'll notice plenty of fresh seafood restaurants along the beach road. I find them expensive and the beer is never cold. The restaurant attached to the hotel where we stay is as good as any.

My Khe Hotel is great value. The rooms and location very good and right across the road to a lovely beach.

Day 8,

My Khe - Hoi An (230km)


5.30am dawn on the beach (optional)

8am breakfast

9am depart My Khe 1pm lunch

4.30pm arrive at accommodation

6pm dinner

In terms of distance this a short day and a pleasant uncomplicated ride but if Hindu ruins are of any interest to you it can be a very big day.

I'm not much for pagoda's and temples so choose to visit just to more elaborate and famous but I do find My Son interesting. You can literally spend hours exploring the various sites.

My Son Group G is a World Heritage archaeological site. These Hindu temple ruins date back as far as the 4th century and in my opinion a must do. 150k entry fee and surprisingly very few tourists generally.

Many restaurants around the area offer Be Thui. Rare cooked Veal wrapped in leaf with vegetable. Quite a treat and not often offered so we'll try and work that for lunch. From there its a simple ride into Danang or Hoi An to your preferred accommodation.

This is an early heads up. There will also be an opportunity to do a return which will be a different route in the event anyone wants to ride both ways.

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