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Gió Lào - Tam Cốc

Updated: May 11, 2021

Day 4 and already spoilt with a beautiful dawn.

We got away reasonably early as although a comparibly easy ride to what we have in front of us, around 300km and wanted to be in early. The fresh beer sign at our breakfast stop another great motivator .

I usually feel a bit flat on this day ride as normally I've either just come out of the enormity of the North headed South for home or the gorgeous Central Highlands headed North. Starting at Phong Nha this trip was perfect offering a couple of days which I've really enjoyed for both Huong and I to build into it. Also to get comfortable on the CB fully loaded. I haven't ridden with hard side panniers since I took my eldest son, Jack to the Moto GP in 2010. With the weight as low as possible the CB thus far feels its up to the challenge. Some interesting stops along this route include an amazing Sunflower Farm but the wrong time of year for the blooms of that one. The HCM Road "0" Milestone and a War Memorial Island.

The area around the ruins of the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty has many temples and plenty of history to absorb. The Citadel itself, Heritage Listed, dates back to the 14th Century. Local farmers however are obviously permitted to make use of the massive expanse of fertile land within it.

Trang An Caves tour is a must do if ever in this area. Yesterday was my third time and for the 250k fee plus an in kind tip to the old lady that paddles you almost 5km through 9 caves absolutely worth it. Mother nature at her best.

For the movie buffs this is the area the water scenes from King Kong were shot. Near Phong Nha where we left yesterday morning the land scenes.

The rock formations in both areas quite unique as over millions of years, as its been explained to me, the softer limestone erodes away leaving these very impressive bauxite monoliths. The other quite local similar sister site is HaLong Bay. Close to here but two weeks before we get there this trip. Our night stop, first time for me here is surrounded by these mountains also. Will let the photo's tell that story!

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