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Mountains/Lakes/Coast. HCMC - HCMC (1020km)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Mountains/Lakes/Coast. HCMC - HCMC (1020km)

We fit a lot into this tour in just 4 days. Very diverse in the country it covers and some of the best motorcycle roads in the South. Not suitable for scooters. Rider level: Experienced DAY 1 (285 km) Saigon Motorcycles - Cat Lai Ferry (12km) This map just gets you to the ferry. As with all the maps just put your current location as the starting point if not exactly there if its only showing you a preview. This map is the only one in car mode as bike mode won't take you the best way. Many maps will have way points to take you the best but certainly not the shortest routes. Just clear them as you go. There is a cross, bottom left that you can hit to clear the next point. I tend to do this a few k's in advance on a quiet stretch. If you dont once you reach the point it will close the map until you hit continue. PLEASE don't share these and DELETE once you've used them. I really appreciate that. You can always get them from me again but i have put years and a lot of money into developing them for our customers so I'd like to keep them as one of our points of difference. Good luck, ride safe and I trust they help get the best from your ride.

Day 1, Cat Lai - Gia Nghia (275km) This is by far the best way I've been to avoid the traffic getting out of the city. The police are rather active in the first 10km or so from the ferry so watch your speed in that area. (A) gets you around the first lot at least and a bowl of Pho if you missed breakfast. (B) keeps you on the right track. A few unavoidable stretches on the QL20 but (C, D, E & F) are all to keep you off it as much as possible. (C) is a water park you might like to check out for a swim or just a break. (E & F) get you over the Dam Wall and a great photo stop.

(G) takes you around the dam wall and (H) is Me Garden Homestay

Accommodation Options Me Garden Homestay Your own little house in a garden setting for under 1M makes this pretty good value and quite unique. No restaurant yet though. Still being developed. Ms Trinh 0933297631

Cao Nguyen Homestay 0367751717 Well located in town. Basic rooms but certainly nothing flash. 250k - 300k range 0261 3 Dak Nong Hotel 0261 3549 888 I've not stayed here but just found it and the location looks amazing. If you decide to give this a go I'll be keen for the review. Well located in town. Basic rooms but certainly nothing flash. 250k - 300k range Lodge Resort. 090 548 71 72 As high end as I've found in Gia Nghia and has quite a nice restaurant. 1 - 1.5M range Day 2, Gia Nghia - Muine (245km) This is a great ride day from both the riding perspective and the beautiful countryside it passes through. Not huge in terms of distance but with plenty of diversions and photo opportunities will take longer than you think. Some gravel on corners on the morning ride in places so watch out for that. In the afternoon on the other side of the highway expect the cattle women to be grazing their herd on the roadside particularly once off the range. From 10k's out of MuiNe watch your speed. The police are notorious in this area targeting foreigners but more so backpackers. With correct riding gear and a steady pace you should have no issues.

(A) for a hearty bowl of Pho or a Bahn Mi for breakfast. Me Garden doesnt have breakfast but plenty of spots around this area. Works from Lodge Resort or right in Gia Nghia too if leaving from there. (B) is a waterfall. I haven't seen it in the rainy season so not sure how big it gets but has a great track in and worth the diversion for that alone.

(C) is a must do. Coffee is okay but I dont rate the food. There's a 50k entry fee but one of the most scenic water views in the south and a good spot for a break.

(D) is also a nice little side excursion. Can ride up onto the dam wall and the village is quite interesting. A pretty ordinary road through there but well worth it.

(E), (F) and (G) are great photo stops. Google doesn't show the road to the second dam wall but there is one. A photo shot over the ocean on the way in a nice way to conclude the ride.

Accommodation Options If you want to spoil yourself I recommend Cargo Remote 0776252825. Rod and Ngan are your hosts there and at 1.2M a night with our Saigon Motorcycles discount a bungalow with breakfast a really lovely, relaxing experience. Has a great bar, restaurant areas and a natural pool.

Ravenala Boutique Resort 02523847991 on the beach is pretty good value with a great pool and above average buffet breakfast. Xin Chao 02523743086 is a nice little mid priced family run hotel with rooms around the pool. Bar at the front with nice staff and Jibes beach Club across the road for food. The Pool House 0389617192 is good value with a nice bar, pool table and swimming pool area. Peter the host is a very laid back character so dinner and a couple of beers can progress to a party scene easily. Rooms are fine but hard beds. Food Options Backstage Bar & Grill 0977610151 is exceptional. Steeve your host offers a great menu and brings a French twist. The beef cappacio the best I've ever had and has well trained staff. Pit Stop Food Court 0928419988 has something for everyone. Great variety of cuisine from numerous separate kitchens. Joes Cafe 02523847177 on the beachside is a MuiNe icon. Food is solid and great live music most nights. Day 3, Muine - Vung Tau (320km) Theres the option to follow the coast for a shorter day but if you want a great ride day this is the best option. Don't be put off by the distance. It's all easy going but you will want quite a few photo stops so an early start is recommended. Again care around your speed getting out of town but I've mapped around where they usually sit. Watch for cattle as you head back toward the mountains. Some roadworks on the link road to the lakes area but otherwise pretty good. Again livestock, mostly goats on that stretch. See how you are for time.

(A) will get you out around the usual police haunts generally. (B) the first of the two Dam Walls can cut 35k's off the day if short on time. It's an awesome 35k's though and in fact the run past the turn off up the other side of the lake is worth it too. My favourite stretch on a big bike in the South.

(B) on the map is a photographers dream. (C) the second dam wall. Good lunch spot opposite the turnoff to it. (D) on the map is a memorial cross in memory of the 18 Australian and 245 Vietnamese soldiers killed In the August 1966 Battle of Long Tan. Can give this a miss if short on time as we come past this way tomorrow on the way back to Saigon.

A cold beer for sundowners overlooking the harbour awaits with your hosts Mark and Anh at the Bay Sportsbar on the ground floor of the Bay View Hotel and Apartments 0979914400.

Day 4, Vung Tau - Cat Lai Ferry (160km) We skirt Ba Ria with a short coastal ride around Long Hai and stop at The Long Tan Cross in memory of the 18 Australian and 245 Vietnamese soldiers killed In the August 1966 Battle of Long Tan.

From there we snake through rubber, pepper, banana and sweet potato plantations to name a few avoiding the main road completely. There's a few water stops too. The best route I have for the Honda XR's. Once across the highway it's back to the Cat Lai ferry and the return to the Rat Race.

On the Map (A&B) get you the right way out of Vung Tau (C) the Long Tan Cross (D,F&G) put you on some water views (E&H) keep you on the right track and avoid the usual police stop back to the ferry. Cat Lai Ferry - Saigon Motorcycles (12km) This one will get you back to us. Please remember to fuel up on the way. Thanks. Welcome Back Great to see you back safe. If I'm not about to welcome you back I trust you had a great adventure. Please leave a review for us if you feel we deserve it and any great experiences around food, accommodation or favourite photos please feel free to share them. Thanks for choosing Saigon Motorcyles. We appreciate your business. Google Review https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-browser&biw=360&bih=520&ei=nYXaXauhKqbE4-EPw4aBuAI&q=saigon+motorcycles&oq=Saigonmo&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.1.0.0i10j0j0i10l2j46i10j0i10l3.4351.12901..14415...1.1..0.409.2117.0j9j2j0j1......0....1.......8..0i71j41j41i22i30j41i13j0i131i273j0i273j0i131i67j46i131j0i131j46i273i275j46i273j46i67j46j0i67.v7ihmi3m6pA#trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:,rc_ludocids:1988403757561233067,rc_q:Saigon%2520Motorcycles,ru_q:Saigon%252k0Motorcycles:: Trip Advisor Review https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g293925-d19102846-Reviews-Saigon_Motorcycles Google Maps Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. google.com

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