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Mai Châu - Hòa Bình Lakes

Updated: May 11, 2021

Day 6, There's something special to be looking over expanses of the same crop anywhere in the world. When it's May in Mai Chau, Vietnam, thats verdant expanses of rice.

Not just Mai Chau of course, this vision of beauty we will see right around the North and especially stunning on the terraces.

Planned another night in the area so plenty of time to run a few drone batteries down this morning checking out the valley.

Then into the village for breakfast and a look around the markets while a couple of local lads got the CB back to presentable.

Knowing the ladies up the mountain do great barbecue was enough of an excuse to run up there again for lunch. What a great stretch of road it is. Getting the familiar little tap from The Huong usually reserved for the Ducati that I was getting a bit spirited through a few of the tighter corners.

Wild pig skewers, corn and bamboo sticky rice was the fare and darn good too. From there we explored around the Hoa Binh Lakes area. Unfortunately one of my favourite waterfalls was lacking enough volume for the usual swimming pool so an earlier than expected finish at the awesome Hideaway Lodge.

Spoilt ourselves with a nice relaxing bit of pool time and a beautiful meal to finish a very relaxing day.

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