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Long Tan Day Loop 230km

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

HCMC Long Tan Cross Loop (230km)

1.3M M VND ($56 USD) Guided

Minimum Rider Level: Competant with some experience.


*One day hire Honda XR 150L set up for touring including aftermarket exhaust, engine and lever protection, powered phone holder and Givi Box.

*ECE Rated full face touring helmet

*Tour Guide



Not Included



8am meet Saigon Motorcycles

8.30am depart on the morning river run

1pm lunch

4pm arrive at Saigon Motorcycles

Morning Ride (140km)

From Saigon Motorcycles its a 12km ride across to Cat Lai.

From the first right hand turn off the ferry you get the feeling Saigon is well behind you though you still have the view of it over to D7.

The first stretch of the river road is unsealed but generally pretty solid with plenty of pot holes. No problem for the XR's but if on a road bike you might prefer the main road and rejoin this map later.

There is a short unavoidable stint on the main road before the left turn which gets you back on some quiet back roads on route to the memorial cross in memory of the 18 Australian and 245 Vietnamese soldiers who lost their lives in the August 1966 Battle of Long Tan.

From there its diverse farmland and rubber plantations as we ride between the three lakes to lunch.

Afternoon Ride (90km)

Two more lakes to visit on the afternoon as we continue through farmland and plantations.

Plenty of great deviations off this map too so if you have time follow it loosely and enjoy some exploring. Corn, banana, pepper and lots of cassava grown in this area.

Many of the trails aren't on maps but it doesn't matter you'll pick it up again later.

Once through the underpass keep your speed in check back to the ferry. Police frequentvthis area but generally just mornings.

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