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HCMC Six Lakes Loop 175km

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

HCMC Six Lakes Loop (175km)

This is by far the best way I've been to avoid the traffic getting out North of the city and my favourite way to Vung Tau also. The police are rather active in this area though and the least friendly I've encountered anywhere in the country. I've mapped around their favourite haunt but between (A) and (B) they will likely have a radar and set up to welcome you at this tunnel below where you pass under the expressway so watch your speed in that area. 50km limit.

Once you're on the North side of the underpass the roads open up and you can get a little more liberal with the throttle. Thats my indicator that the funs about to get real.

From there its diverse farmland and rubber plantations most of the way to the coast. Plenty of great deviations off this map so if you have time follow it loosely and enjoy some exploring. Many of the trails aren't on maps but it doesn't matter you'll pick it up again later.

On the Map

(A) gets you around the first and usually the only police stop and a bowl of Pho if you missed breakfast. Some other good food options once you get over the highway.

(B&C) are a couple of lakes to check out. Plenty of exploring to be done around these. Corn, banana, pepper and lots of sweet potato grown in this area.

(D) is a great lunch option on the third lake.

(E) is another lake and a good spot to throw a line for a half distance break if you have the time.

(F&G) get you past the last two lakes and some great tracks

(H) just a way point to keep the ride as interesting as possible getting back to the ferry.

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