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HCMC - Cat Lai, 2 day (330km)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As part of our itinerary planning service we also offer phone support if you get really stuck for any reason.

Trevor (English) 0906849000

Huong (Vietnamese) 0935615018

DAY 1 (170km)

Saigon Motorcycles - Cat Lai Ferry (12km)

This map just gets you to the ferry.. As with all the maps just put your current location as the starting point if not exactly there if its only showing you a preview. This map is the only one in car mode as bike mode won't take you the best way. Many maps will have way points to take you the best but certainly not the shortest routes. Just clear them as you go. There is a cross, bottom left that you can hit to clear the next point. I tend to do this a few k's in advance on a quiet stretch. If you dont once you reach the point it will close the map until you hit continue. PLEASE don't share these and DELETE once you've used them. I really appreciate that. You can always get them from me again but i have put years and a lot of money into developing them for our customers so I'd like to keep them as one of our points of difference. Good luck, ride safe and I trust they help get the best from your ride.

Cat Lai Ferry - Cat Tien (160km)

This is by far the best way I've been to avoid the traffic getting out of the city. The police are rather active in the first 10km or so from the ferry so watch your speed in that area. They generally sit on the HL13 so we map around that.

Three unavoidable stretches on the main roads but some great riding off it. The newly laid hotmix either side of the dam wall as good as it gets.

(A) gets you around the usual police stop.

(B) just after the very short section of highway is a good Pho breakfast stop if away early. Plenty of choices around there.

(C, D, E & F) are to keep you off the main arterials

(D) is a water park you might like to check out for a swim or just a break.

(E & F) if a Dam Wall and a great photo stop.

(G) is Spirit Garden Guesthouse or change to your chosen Cat Tien accommodation.

Mr Quoc 0931347345 is your host at Spirit Garden (250k) along with his wife and family which includes a pack of friendly Phu Quoc dogs. BYO wine or spirits but plenty of cold beer and good cheap food.

Get an early night and set your alarm for the dawn. The sun rises in front of your cabin while the roosters try and out do each other up and down the river. If your lucky the Gibbons can be heard singing along also.

A lovely experience not to be missed.

DAY 2, Cat Tien - Cat Lai Ferry (160km)

For the return run this is the next best wet season route keeping off the main arterials as much as possible. Loosely follow the Dong Nai River with lunch overlooking the Tri An Lake.

On the Map

(A) A nice rest stop on the river.

(B) A river ferry if you'd like to check out the top side of Tri An Lake.

(C) Great Seafood lunch spot overlooking the Tri An Lake.

(D) Is just to keep you off the QL 20.

(E) A nice tourist area with services

(G) Saigon Motorcycles

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