• Trevor Long

Do Luong - Khe Ve


Day 39. The country flattens out a bit between Do Luong and Khe Ve so with that the roads open up as well. Once you approach Khe Ve though its back to the winding mountain roads we know and love. The road into Cha Lo (the Laos border) is an absolute beauty. Don't miss that 38k's each way if touring up the HCM trail. Lots of trucks though mostly pulling ore out of Laos so you need to be mindfull of that. In the photo's one old mate got it a little wrong between us going out and back.

Going by the look at the mountain country on the Laos side I think its going to be easy to decide where the next big ride will be.

A little damp where we are at the minute so might wait it out before the short run into Phong Nha and a day off by the pool.

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