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Hao Binh Lakes - Ta Xua

Updated: May 11, 2021

Day 7 started a bit fogged in for any decent dawn experience. It soon burnt off though so I threw Gurtie up to get a few photos of our digs before the morning swim.

It cleared to a lovely day so we decided to enjoy the facilities of this, for us, rather extravagant accommodation a little. Though we didn't get away until shortly before 11am with only around 180km no real time pressure. Had to keep at it though as average speed in this day is very low. Continuous cornering either through mountains or following the river.

Not too much along the way in so far as "attractions" but for a motorcyclist this entire day is an attraction. The roads far from perfect, lots of gravel and pot holes so you need to be on your game if getting at it. Only very little local traffic though so you have the whole road to find the right line.

Two little Tigers whose mum I think may have been watching from above but that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere had found a great mud puddle. Plenty of other kids along the way to give the AFL footy cards to as well.

We passed three waterfalls but none very impressive this time of year. August - November when I am usually up here far better in that respect. Can't complain about the weather in May thus far though, so a small grind to bare.

Finding our quite unique accommodation for the night was a little interesting. We'd been tipped by a local guide up here of it and as the very steep concrete path leading to it turned to a very steep rocky path my sidekick screeching let me off put an immediate halt to much needed momentum. A good thing in the end as I don't know that the little CB with more on her back than she actually weights would have made it otherwise. The brakes may have held if to a complete stop but a start on that ah, no thanks!

In any case in all good well before dusk and as we had a big hotpot dinner, treated to a sound and light show over the mountains. My mind wandering back to the track I'd need to decend in the morning after a rainstorm though thankfully Huong hadn't clicked to that. It's bark was louder than it's bite in the end though and brought very little rain.

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