• Trevor Long

Mù Cang Chải - Mai Châu

Updated: May 17, 2021

Day 12 and only around 255km but very tight winding road mostly so away soon after breakfast.

I hadn't done the first part of this road so easy riding to soak in the views. There's corn right through the North but we did seem to be in a high density belt early on.

The Van Yen lakes system we followed for some time quite spectacular.

But until we reached Mai Chau most certainly tea was the signature crop. Whole mountains covered in what creates quite an impressive sight.

Again due to the Covid situation we had a simple check stop but also the roads almost entirely to ourselves. I took a photo down the street in the centre of Mai Chau as even that normally bustling area was deserted.

The forty odd kilometres to Pu Luong from there is just great fun. Beautiful scenery on winding mountain road that is less than perfect so need to be on your game.

We arrive at our destination and before we are checked in and to our rooms the heavens open up with the first decent rain we've seen. Though accidental, perfect timing and greeted with a terrific valley view room at Natura Bungalows which I highly recommend!

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