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The Da River to Mù Cang Chải

Updated: May 17, 2021

Day 11 with just enough cloud and with the mountains and the Da River as a setting we woke to one of the nicest sunrises so far this ride.

Got away in the same beautiful sunshine we had come to expective but after about 20 minutes the dark cloud started to roll in. We were going the right way but winding through the mountains not able to keep in front of it. Just as it caught up a little well placed village for breakfast while it blew over.

The next hour or so was on wet roads with very light drizzle but not enough to break out the rain gear. As we got off the range toward Mu Cang Chai we were greeted with dry roads and clear blue skies once again.

For the next few hours we immersed ourselves in the Mu Cang Chai area with some diversions on some very marginal trails but rewarded with some wonderful views and the warm local Mong villagers.

This region is spectacular but as wonderful as the weather's been to us September is the month to see it at its best.

Had planned to parasail over the huge valley between Mu Cang Chai and Nghia Lo but Covid closed. Not only were they not operating but only one young girl on site to sell drinks etc. Usually a very crowded mountain top.

Getting rather late in the day so a quick uninterrupted ride to our homestay and the end of a very eventful day or so we thought.

With the Covid concerns strengthening a visit from the local police to our homestay to confirm our previously stated movements. All very thorough but also polite and friendly.

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