• Trevor Long

Da Nang, Viet Nam


Day 42 got a bit physical. Went back to the mountains first thing this morning. Hamburger Hill near the Laos border to be exact. I hadn't planned to climb it but more just see the area. Totally isolated I thought how hard could it be? The main track up is passable but difficult in parts. Tracks to a helecopter crash site, fortified bunkers and a field hospital site completely grown over. At the small memorial at the top I took some time to try and imagine what hell unleashed there in May 1969 while i took a much needed rest before the decent. Happy I did it but wont be recommending it as a part of our tours.

The rest of the day was awesome though. Found some great tracks and on the hard top mostly the bike was only upright on the change of direction. In the photo's a few off the beaten tracks shots and one very pissed King Brown I amost hit.

#saigonmotorcycles #motorcyclingvietnam

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