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Cambo Odyssey


Day 9 Cambo Odyssey

This day was a concern for me. I knew it would be challenging but a local tells us last night that he didn't think we'd get through on the map I had planned. Then over dinner and into the evening the heavens open up and I'm considering plan B.

All pretty dry by the morning and the first 50k's is concrete up to the first dam wall so went with the plan. Once it went to gravel it was dry and the first 75k's up to the Osoam Eco Lodge for lunch in good order and lots of fun.

Well the road did deteriorate a bit after that but nothing too serious but for sure not a wet season option. Didn't see any elephants but on a narrow sandy stretch had a cobra strike at me. Had plenty of space but it does bring home the importance of correct riding wear.

Once you turn at the Elephant circle onto the 55 back toward the Thai border it's back to sealed and extremely good mountain riding. Best of both riding worlds today and happen to meet the head of a big new casino here that invites us for dinner and beers. Not sure we'll be able to top that.

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