About Us

Trevor Long, general manager and lead rider. From Mount Gambier, South Australia and later Port Macquarie, NSW
Huong Thai, the boss and wife of the above. From Mekong Delta and later Saigon.
Gabrielle Connell, office manager and right hand of the above. From Melbourne Victoria.
We are supported by our team of Vietnamese staff most of which are family members

*Australian owned and managed.
*Friendly, personable service.
*34 years touring experience.
*Extensive knowledge of Vietnam.
*Itinerary planning and advice available.
*Correctly maintained motorcycles.
*Bikes are set up with touring extra's.
*ECE rated touring helmets supplied.
*All other safety gear available.

Many companies I see here deal only with tourists and therefore a transient and infinitely renewable customer base.
Our parent company Saigon Motorcycles was set up to support the Expat community in HCMC for everything motorcycle related. Our honesty, knowledge and attention to detail has built that to a resounding success due to the ongoing support of the local community.

A childhood admiring every motorcycle I saw in a strictly anti motorcycle household set a life path of motorcycle fanaticism.
Forced to leave the family home at a young age for no other reason than with my first pay cheque at 16, I had to have a motorcycle. From my first race as a 16 year old to my first road tour with my girlfriend as a 20 year old the passion has never left me.
Having ridden all over Australia I made the move to Vietnam for what I intended to be a finite time in 2012 and fell in love with the place. Now in my 50's after years of exploring here I have the absolute pleasure of helping others to discover the wonder.
We have retail outlets and a commuter rental fleet to support us financially. Motorcycle adventure is what supports me physically and mentally and I love to share that experience.
After 25 years of my core business entertaining groups on paintball fields, I am now privileged to be able to entertain them on the beautiful backroads of Vietnam. A mauraudering marathon of mateship with plenty of laughs along the way is how I like to play it.
Whilst pondering your Vietnam discovery options talk to me and by all means many others. TALK is important. You get the person not some scripted BS. You will then know who is the right fit for you and I will know if you are right for me.
I do believe my passion for this and dedication to it makes us quite unique. The excited banter and mateship from my group at each stop is the reward for that.
Just a handful of examples are highlighted on this page. The options are endless though so more than happy to develop an itinerary specific to your requirement.
Thanks for considering us and no matter who you decide to ride with, embrace every moment as you Discover the Wonder that is Motorcycling Vietnam.

Trevor Long +84 906 849 000 (whatsapp)
Facebook: Motorcycling Vietnam